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Erin N. Henderson, Ph.D.









About me...

After moving often throughout my childhood, my family landed in the Pittsburgh area when I was in high school. I went on to attend Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Although I knew I wanted to pursue a career in child psychology, I chose to major in English, figuring I'd have the rest of my life to study psychology. Ironically, I soon came to realize that I learned more about human nature through reading novels and plays than through the science of psychology. 


After graduating, I returned to the area to attend the University of Pittsburgh, where I earned a Ph.D. in both Clinical and Developmental psychology. I was attracted to Pitt's unique "joint program" in both disciplines because I thought it was important to have an understanding of normal development (the focus of developmental psychology) to more fully appreciate difficulties (clinical psychology) and the pathways to recovery. 


I completed my clinical internship and a postdoctoral fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychology at West Virginia University. I reside in the South Hills with my husband and two children. In what little free time that leaves me, I enjoy volunteering for my kids' athletic organizations, taking advantage of the great outdoor amenities the area has to offer, exploring new things with my family, traveling, cooking, and reading. 

Click here for my full curriculum vitae (resume).

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