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As you have no doubt experienced, physicians are often the first professionals that people contact when they or their child are experiencing emotional distress or behavioral problems.  Likewise, physical problems may be manifestations of emotional distress.  

It is my hope to work collaboratively with you to help to address these issues as a team.  While my primary mode of practice is to see people for an evaluation and then treat them (if appropriate) with psychotherapy, I am also available to consult with physicians as well as provide psychological evaluations to help assist with evaluation and diagnosis so that physicians may the most informed decisions regarding treatment.  


Teachers, counselors, and even fellow students are often on the "front lines" when it comes to helping students in distress get connected with the help they need.  They may be the first to identify the problem, or parents may turn to them looking for advice on where to turn to help.

As the primary setting for children outside of their own homes, schools are important social settings for children.  Understanding and, sometimes, adaptations may be essential to a child's progress in treatment, as well as to the teacher's ability to maintain a positive learning environment in the classroom.

It is my hope that I will be able to work collaboratively with you to aid in the treatment of your students with emotional and behavioral difficulties.  In addition to seeing children and adolescents for evaluation and therapy, I am also available for consultations with school personnel.

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